As the Pharmaceutical industry deals with human health, great care and precaution has to be taken regarding any ingredient that goes in the formulations, Nectarich is safe and adds tremendous value to physical properties of the end products and reduces operating cost. It is a perfect replacement for both sugar syrups and honey. The biggest advantage is definitely masking the bitterness of medicinal syrups, however it has a host of other advantages.

Excipient and ready to use base

Acts as stabiliser

Works as a Diluent & Suspending Agent

Works as a thickening agent

Prevents caking at the bottom of the container

Reduces manufacturing processes

Freezing point depressant – prevents the formation of large ice crystals

Works as a Demulcent for cough syrups

Provides a smooth mouth feel

Provides palatable delivery for elixir and cough linctuses